here we go!
Sep 13, 2016
1 minute read

Finally its live. Once again, I have resurrected my blog.
In the past, I have started a blog multiple times, but never quite maintained it or updated it with any content. I am good at starting / trying out new things but not very good at transforming it into a habit. So, lets try again. I’m going to develop the habit of updating this blog as much as I can. How about making a list of ideas that I can blog about?

  • Teach a math concept to myself
  • Teach a programming concept to myself
  • Explain how I solved a particular coding problem
  • Write about that book I have been reading
  • Write about that side-project I am working on
  • Dissect that game I have been playing
  • Sharing some piano learning would be great
  • Random rant

I have already started thinking about the next blog update. So, here we go!

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